Ballpoint pen QS20 PQS Stone


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Product number: KLA-006
HS Code : 96081092000
Supplier country : Switzerland
Product information "Ballpoint pen QS20 PQS Stone"

More minerals - less plastic.

The new QS Stone is made of a material enriched with minerals, which reduces the amount of plastic by 60%. The minerals make the pens robust and noticeably heavier in the hand. Its elegant metal clip creates an exceptionally high-end feel. A luxurious pen for the ages. 

  • Barrel in standard barrel color Q70 silver.
  • Transparent clip-holder in standard color T76 fumé 
  • Satin silver S70 metal clip 
  • Polished silver C70 metal push-button 
  • Writing color: Blue
  • FloatingBall® 1.0 mm lead free / approx. 5,000 m writing length

Incl. "KLAUKE" print in blue (Pantone Reflex Blue) on the silver metal clip